First Blog

Okay……. I know I’ve been procrastinating a little bit on creating my blog, and truthfully it had to do with how busy I have been. But with all the excuses aside I know I  have to get to it! To start, I really didn’t know what topic to begin with. But after looking back on my career and my experience in the industry, I finally realized “what better way to start with than why I decided to create my business all together?”

I’ve been in the hospitality/ catering industry for over 10 years and I have produced over 400 events in both the Bay Area, Carmel,  Carmel Valley, Pebble Beach and Napa. Working in catering was the foundation of having the operation background that in my opinion every wedding planner needs in order to be successful. I was able to see not only the beauty of designing a wedding and going off of a timeline, but also what the setup and service entails leading up to and on the big. Not only did I become very comfortable with creating custom menus and knowledge of 5 star service, I also learned how to understand heavy productions and unique diagrams in spaces that weren’t meant to be an event space. Now looking back I see why it has become essential in my business today. I can allow myself to think outside of the box and also look at the logistics for each element of the event that impacts set-up, service and the overall experience for my clients and their guests. Rather than being the “yes we can do that” person promising the world without really looking at the entire scope, I like to give my clients every scenario, both good and bad, to consider. Because what is important to me is making sure my clients have absolutely NOTHING to worry about on their wedding day, that their guests are having the time of their lives, and everyone is as comfortable as possible.

One of my clients last year hired me on after renting a private estate in Pebble Beach for their wedding. Once I walked through the property and got a sense of where they wanted their ceremony to be, which was right in between two cypress trees, I immediately knew we would had a couple challenges. The backdrop was stunning, but the lawn where the guests would sit happen to be on a hill with uneven ground. I went back to my clients and gave them our “scenarios”, as I always do. Because they fell in love with that location for their ceremony, I suggested having a sub-floor to be built which would allow their guests to sit on level ground, and avoid tripping or any injuries. Thankfully I was able to team up with Zephyr Tents, who are the “go to” for custom tenting and sub-flooring and really are the best in the business! Below is the before and after photos. I was lucky to have clients who trusted my advice and couldn’t have been any happier with the results. It Also made a huge difference partnering with the extremely talented Larissa Cleveland Photography and Seascape Flowers who brought the wedding to life with stunning images and floral arrangements!




The importance of a wedding planner is truly having that person you can rely on and trust that will not only make sure everything is setup properly, but also have your back so there is nothing that goes unnoticed during the planning process and on your wedding day. The last thing anyone would want is waking up in the morning and nervous whether their vendors are on time, setting up what they should, and if you made sure to give them all the details they needed for the evening. Nothing makes me happier more than my clients relaxed and radiant demeanor the entire evening while spending it with all of their family and friends.

XX Rachel